Doors, Doorknobs, Windows, and Frames

This is one of my favourite windows. It's just lovely. 

PRICE: $55.00

Large window is $55.00

Medium window is $50.00

Both windows are $40.00 each.

Left window has been sold.

Old barn window.

PRICE: $40.00

Very large window with glass.

PRICE: $45 (Sold)

These barn windows do not have glass in them. I can add chicken wire to them if you want.

PRICE: (without chicken wire) $22 each
PRICE: (with chicken wire) $28

I don't find these size windows often and they are one of my favourite types and sizes. They aren't large and can be in just about any small space, which is awesome.


PRICE: $40.00
Front side.


Door knobs, assorted styles.

PRICE: $18.00

Gorgeous large antique frame. 

PRICE: $55.00

Medium to large size antique frame. 

PRICE: $45.00 (Sold)

Large oval antique frame. 

PRICE: $50.00