Paris Themed Items For Sale

I have been having a lot of fun painting all sorts of pieces lately. If you know my stuff, you will see I hardly ever use any type of white. I am not saying white isn't nice but I love colour and find I can express myself better as an artist that way. Well, I finally gave in and have done some pretty pieces in (eek!) white.


Since I also like the whole Paris theme and its still quite popular, I added some wonderful graphics. It's strange to think twenty years ago I was in France and got to see some beautiful places. This brings me back to memory lane.



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    fran (Thursday, 25 June 2015 15:29)

    Love white, white, white, for me it provides calmness and excitement. Love your work.

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    Website (Friday, 23 March 2018 04:55)

    I really would like to attempt look at your blog one day before! they just make people go and i kind of want to have that power, once again, amazing stuff!