Giving Some Thanks During Spring

Today I wanted to write a special blog thanking a wonderful place I like to visit as much as possible. If you know me well, I speak of this place often and call it my "happy place", lol. I think, or would at least like to think that most people have a few places in their lives that when they go there it makes them feel happy. I know that this is one of mine. Many times we don't always thank business's for providing a place for us to go and explore, dream and yes, shop.


So here in Abbotsford on Fraser Highway is a nursey called Devan Greenhouses. I love this place! If you haven't already gone there for your plants, I highly recommend them to you.I often get asked where I get my flowers from and I always gladly share with them where I go. Their flowers and trees are gorgeous and their prices are really affordable for a nursery. I have gone to many nurseries and home/garden stores and Devan's prices are amazing and the many varieties of plants and colours are fantastic. Every week they also have weekly features on sale. If you want to see what they are check their website: 


So last week one of my best friend's and me went to Devan's and bought some lovely plants. I took some pictures of them and wanted you to see one of the planter chairs I created with their plants. The chair I found and bought, was repainted using an exterior paint that was a lovely green over the blue paint. I then lightly distressed over details I wanted to enhance in the chair. I sealed it after for better protection from the outside weather.


The plants I used are listed below if you would like to do something similar. All are annuals except the grass and Ivy I added in there. Plus if you plant the Mum, it usually comes back due to the seeds it drops once it is done for the season. 


In my planter chair:


2- Black Eyed Susan Vines

1- Passiflora Blue

1- Mum

1- Sun Flower

1- Duckfoot Ivy

1- North Sea Oats


I will be working on more planter boxes in the near future with Devan's plants. I am looking forward to doing that. I may post some picture's on here once they are done - we will see. I love working with plants and making my garden pretty again after the Winter. It is very therapeutic and breathing in fresh air and feeling the sun on your face is just another bonus while cleaning up the yard. 


So that is my special feature for today. I hope if you have a special place you like to visit, that you send a message to the owner, employees, etc and just say thanks for all that they do. Besides who doesn't like a thank you? It just makes you feel good all around. Plus you may just make their day. 


So thank you again Devan Greenhouses for providing me your beautiful plants and letting me have a place I can go and just look around and be in my "happy place". I also want to thank the owner Pieter Debruin, for letting me write about his store on my blog. God bless.


Christina at Repurposed Nest


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    Laila (Tuesday, 17 June 2014)

    So beautiful Chris! I love it!

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