The Wonderful Smell Of Cedar

I don't know about you but there is nothing like the smell of cedar. Not only do I think it smells heavenly, its colours are lovely. It reminds me of my Far (Dad) since he loves to garden and has had cedar chips in his gardens off and on over the years. So when I saw this armoire and a matching long dresser I knew I had to try and get it.


I haven't decided if I want to do them both the same colours and style yet. I have only started the armoire so far. All I can say is I am totally loving this piece already and think once it's complete it will look fantastic. I am using a few new techniques and am looking forward to it all coming together. So as usual, here are the before pictures and as expected, the finished piece is to come. Then it will be put up for sale.



The Final Product!


Okay, the armoire is all done except the knobs and pulls. I wish the pictures would show how truely wonderful it looks. I guess you will just have to come see it for yourself. I will get the knobs and pulls on asap. This would look fabulous in a kitchen and also for putting your clothing into. It is very multi functional.



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