The Welsh Dresser

My life lately has been a whirl wind of craziness. More like really busy but in a good way. I had the chance to go see one of my sisters, her hubby and their five kids recently. I was able to have the chance to hang out with my fabulous nieces and nephews. Lots of silly laughing, fun games and staying up late with the two oldest. Also, cuddling and reading night time stories to the youngest. However, the snuggling and giving silly faces to the baby was a big highlight as well. So I came to realize that I miss them a lot. Time goes by way too quickly sometimes and we just seem to skip a lot along the way.


Now where is this going with the title of “the welsh dresser”? Believe it or not, my little story does have some significance to it. You see, I was fortunate to receive an old welsh dresser from friends of my mother and father in-law. Their friend’s names are Andy and Marilyn. My Mother in-law said I had to keep this dresser. I have to admit when they delivered it from Vernon to my home I fell instantly in love with it. I am a sucker for old things. It isn’t just the look of a piece but what the piece itself represents. What’s its life story? Where has it traveled to? Who loved it and was blessed to own it? What has it been through? It really is the history of it that intrigues me the most. Just like moments with my family, this dresser has also been through its own kind of memories in a sense. It has had its own kind of history. Now it’s on a new journey with my family.

So, after checking the whole thing out I realized, lady you have some work cut out for you. You see Andy and Marilyn got this dresser from his mother years ago, and after having it for a few years lent it to Marilyn’s brother when they had to move. From there it went to Marilyn’s younger sister and into her home. When she wanted to remodel her place it was going to go back to Andy and Marilyn. Unfortunately, a good friend was going to take it back to them but it was left in his open truck box, lightly wrapped in a tarp. It rained for two days and it got drenched. It quickly warped and began to peel. It had some major water damage.


The drawer did not close, making me wonder at first if it was suppose to be like that. Next came broken sections of wood that needed to be glued and nailed. The back of the dresser had to be ripped off - three layers actually. The door panels were a mess. The old stain would flake off and the hardware needed a good clean up.


The big question was - would it be worth it? Absolutely! As I pulled off the layers of the back panels, I realized there was also black mold - not good. But with time and effort I could and did, get it all off.


So here are some before pictures for you to see what the Welsh dresser looked like when it arrived. There is so much beauty in this piece - the attention to detail, the curves and engravings. It has a solidness and a strength to it. I have a little more work left to do on it, but I am loving it’s new transformation. I can’t wait to show you it when it is all done.


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