Time to catch up, while its Spring break . . .

Well it's Spring break time again. I thought it would be a great time for me to work on some pieces in my home that I have needed to work on. However, my daughter and I went out on a mother and daughter shopping day and as fate happens, I found a dresser that I have been looking for . . . um yes, three years! Gasps! It made me want to dance, then hop, and yes even lift my hands and say thank you Lord! But I was a good Mom, and didn't want to embarass my child, at least not right then and there.


So after driving my daughter crazy about needing to have this dresser, and her saying Mom just buy it already! I knew I had to bring it home with me. Only thing is I already have a dresser, just not this one!


Now I have put the before pictures up of the dresser. You may have your mouth wide open saying, what were you thinking? You may even say it looks dull and is just too ugly for words. But then, your mind doesn't work like mine. (good thing too, huh?) All I can say is this dresser doesn't have wonderful curves or beautiful embelishments on it. What it has is a style from the 1950's era, and I knew the look it should have. In fact, it was just perfect!


To be continued . . .

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