When I first started this on the side, one of my very first customers was Christine. She not only has been there from the start but has stayed with me and my journey until now. 
I did not know her before all this but I’m so very blessed that I have someone that truly enjoys my work and keeps coming back. She checks my website and emails me and has purchased many different pieces over the years. 
I rarely ever do custom work because it’s not usually something I enjoy doing. But this year I have done two and they were both done for her. 
Tonight she came by for her custom painted and stained cart. I posted the pictures she sent me of it in her home. 
Christine is truly kind and sweet and it’s always a pleasure to see her. I’m just thankful for people like her, it means a lot. So thank you Christine and all of you that simply smile when they meet me and feel happy when they leave with something I created just for them. I couldn’t keep going without you.

Christina 💜

Want a chance to win a credit amount? Head on over to our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/repurposednest! Good luck! 

Bring Spring Back Giveaway!

Did you wake up this morning to your lawn white? We did! Winter coat and hat on and out for a cold walk. It made us think we needed Spring back and it was time for another giveaway!

Prize #1: $50.00 credit towards any of our current furniture pieces. 

Prize #2: $25.00 credit towards any vintage items currently in stock.

Prize #3: $20.00 credit towards any of our signs or painted frames currently in stock. 

What do you need to do? 
1. Comment below which prize credit you wish to win, it can be more than one. 
2. Tag three friends you think may enjoy our page and our work.
3. If you haven’t already liked and/or follow our page please do.

***Bonus: Share this post on public for an extra chance to win. ***💜

(Please let us know you have done all three and the bonus if you did that as well in the comments.)

Winners must be able to come out to Abbotsford within two weeks of winning their prize $$$ amounts. It will go towards the item/s they would like that are currently in stock only. If they haven’t done that within two weeks, another winner will be randomly selected. 

This giveaway has not been sponsored by Facebook in anyway. 

Winners will be announced on April 17th 2018 on our page. If you wish to see prices and other items for sale please join our group. Link below.


Thank you and good luck!

Some of our furniture sales this month are:

1.Desk/vanity (SOLD)
2.Childs dresser (SOLD)
3.Set of side tables. (SOLD)

This is "The Royal Beauty" china cabinet.


Christmas is almost here! Why not start early and get one of these cool signs. Comes with two chalks as well. These are on sale for $45.00! Message me if you would like to purchase one. 

Beautiful wooden hand painted mirror. Great for that perfect small space on your wall that needs just something a little extra. 
Measurements: 11.5 inches wide and 19.5 inches high.


Mirrors are coming this way and why not start with one of my favourites. 
Just finished this beauty and boy do I love it. I'm calling it "Peacock Beauty." So much layering and highlighting in this stunning mirror. Have any questions? We would love to hear from you.



Repurposed Nest is part of The Artisan Markets of Greater Vancouver. We would love to have you join the group. Not only are we there, but many talented local artists in the lower mainland have beautiful pieces for sale as well. Come have a look and say hello. 


Come checkout some of our newest pieces...


Here's something to think about... I bet most people don't realize what we actally do. So here's my story...
If you have been in my home before, you will soon notice a theme or pattern let's say. I have a passion for the late 1800's to the 1960's. I love the look of older things so much more than what we can buy today in most places. Why? First it was built better in my opinion and secondly the way it ages, with the pantina is just gorgeous. But one of my favourite reasons is that I love the history, the story behind a piece. 
Not long ago my hubby and I went out for a long drive and decided to look for more treasures. We came across a little girl who's grandparents were having a yard sale. The little girl was trying to stop anyone that was coming down the road. Unfortunately for them it was a very quiet area and not a lot of traffic. We stopped and were immediately charmed with this little child. She wanted to show us everything. We happily followed her and were very empressed. There were mostly kid toys and my teens are way to old for those things now but as we started heading back I saw a little old wooden ironing board. I asked the little girls grandma if it was for sale. She smiled and said yes. I was curious about it and said was this in your family's? She said it was. It had been in her family since the late 1940's. I already knew that I wanted to buy it but I loved what she told me and on the spot fell a bit more in love with it. I was going to sell it but speaking with the sweet elderly lady I knew I wouldn't be able to let it go. 
I suppose the search and the story behind it is what I love the most. It's seeing a person go back in time as she tells her family story. I can almost picture it and in my mind I feel as if I go back in time and live their story with them. 
I have picked farms and heard many more special moments and we've gone in tiny dark cellars to bring up old treasures. Some areas I have been for hours just talking to kind people who love to share their past. I enjoy their stories and see the love they had for the item they are now sharing with me. 
Sure there are times I look around and come home empty handed and other times you just luck out at antique stores, thrift stores, etc but we vendors spend a lot of time finding those items for our booths. Many many hours of searching, listening, and yes getting dirty happens when we pick. It's hard work but also very rewarding. I don't think a lot of people realize that. I may not drive but my best friend and the love of my life has driven me to areas all over just so I can get the next special piece for someone to enjoy it in their home. 
So as I'm slowly working my way to the end of my very long post, a few people stuck out over this weekend at The Olde Farmhouse. My first sale were a set of salt and pepper shakers. The happy lady that bought them was thrilled she had found a complete set. She already had one but had been looking for the other. It matched her items in her home that also had been in her family. It made me smile and it reminded me again why I love what I do. There was also a lady there this weekend that I overheard her tell her husband that the little wooden rocking chair in my booth was hers when she was a young child. She said that's my rocking chair! She was so excited. He bought it for his wife. Wow, how cool is that!?! 
It touches my heart seeing the shoppers so enthusiastic with their purchased items. It makes up for those that just want everything for nothing and don't realize the time it took us to get them. So thank you, all you kind and wonderful human beings that appreciate what we do. You are the reason I love what I do and I can't begin to describe to you how deeply you've touched my heart. The same for my hand painted pieces, it's wonderful to see you love what I create for you or some one special in your life. 

Much love, Christina

You ready? Doesn't it just say HERE I AM! 
Well this is all finished and boy of boy am I in love. A crazy amount of hours were put into completing this stunner but wow is it fabulous! 
I set up two types of pictures so you can see it doesn't have to be a piece for a lady. A fella can easily own this. If you're lucky it will go to a couple that will both be pleased. One of my joys is that my clientele is 50% females and 50% males. I love that the men get as excited over my furniture or vintage finds as the ladies. It's a win win!
The decor you see in the pictures will also be available at the market.
So if you want a better look come check it out at Let's Go Junking at The Olde Farmhouse. Hope to see you there.

Well happy Thursday friends. With the market only about three weeks away, I thought I'd show you the next before pics. I brought it outside on Tuesday and started to sand the top down. Wowsers that paint was tough to get off. I don't really like using harsh chemicals and avoid it at all costs so this took me quite some time. I hate to say it but the top looked like marble to me, I'm not a huge marble fan. (Sorry Mor) It has so much potential and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. It is slowly getting transformed and it makes me think of old stories, love letters, memories, and long distance love. I'm hoping that it will be all finished by Friday. So stay tuned. Wishing you all a lovely and joyful day.


The after pictures (well sorta😊). So here are the after pictures minus a knob,lol. Yep I put my two extra knobs somewhere in my home or the garage and I can't remember where exactly I left them. I'm embarrassed to say I have spent THREE days looking for them. Technically I only need to find one lol but I will either find them, buy another (sigh) or change the knobs all together. Hopefully I will luck out and find it asap. 🙄 My wonderful friend called me this morning and I said can you do me a favor? She's like of course! I said to her. Can you pray I find my two knobs? The best part is she knows me so well that the weird question didn't even faze her,lol. She said she would and that I'd find them. So when I do, I will post a couple more pics for you all. 😊 So what do you think? Isn't she just so pretty? I love the mixture or both colours and waxes. The drawers have been painted as well with a vintage looking sheet on the bottom of each drawer. Lots of work and love was put into this but so worth it. 💕I wonder whose home she will end up in. Have the loveliest of Fridays. Christina.

Hubby and I were up very early this morning and went treasure hunting. It wasn't a big haul but we drove quite a ways and enjoyed each other's company. The weather has been beautiful and the drive was simply gorgeous. 
He also bought some treasures for his collection (not in the pictures). So these lovelies will be going with us to The Olde Farmhouse Market this June among many more items. I can't wait until you see what we are bringing with us. 
Have an amazing weekend and enjoy every moment with whomever you spend it with.

Looking for some old barn windows? We have been out collecting some pretty sweet ones. Check them out in our "Treasure Hunt " section. Which ones your favourite?

Happy New Year!
Are you looking for something fun to start out 2016? Repurposed Nest will be doing its first workshop this month in Abbotsford. First class starts January 16, from 2:00-4:30. Price is $115 and includes all the materials you will need.
You will be bringing home your finished pieces and learn how to use Welcome Homes Ce Ce Caldwell's paint and wax. I will show you how versatile this awesome paint is. 
This will be a fun afternoon meeting new people or come book with some friends to share this time with. Snacks and beverages will also be included.
Please reach me with any questions by pressing the "contact us" section on this website 


Want to get something extra special this year for your new home? Perhaps you have already settled in to your home but want to redecorate your place. These lovelies would even make beautiful Christmas gifts for this years loved ones. See something you love? Contact me and we can setup an appointment for a viewing.

In the last few weeks we have been busy working towards some possible exciting news. Today I wanted to share with you what that was since it's official. Ready? 😉
Welcome Home Decor, a CeCe Caldwell's Paints Distributor in Maple Ridge and Repurposed Nest have teamed up. Repurposed Nest will now be teaching workshops with one of our favourite paints, Ce Ce Caldwell's. We are thrilled with this opportunity that the lovely and sweet ladies from Welcome Home Decor have offered us. I love painting and trying new techniques and what better way than to help others be creative as well? 

If you and anyone else you know want a fun evening out for a couple of hours trying something new we have chosen the first date. Saturday December 5th out here in Abbotsford. If you are interested in hearing more please contact me on here and I will fill you in on all the details. Spaces are limited, so don't miss out! Repurposed Nest will include all the supplies for that evenings class. You will get a chance to learn how to use certain products and create a piece or two to take home with you that night. This workshop we will be making a little post card sign and a hanging burlap stencilled wall art. Examples are in this post.

If you wish to go out to Maple Ridge and see all the beautiful Ce Ce Caldwell products it is defiantly worth the trip. Repurposed Nest also made the sample which is in the Maple Ridge store. You will also be able to purchase products here in Abbotsford as well at Home Hardware in Abbotsford. Repurposed Nest will only have products here for the workshops, we are not distributors. 
Looking forward to meeting you.


Repurposed Nest has decided to only do 1-2 markets a year. So the only market we are doing this year will be coming up next month. (November, 2015) Did somebody say the olde FARMHOUSE? Yes! We are very excited about this one and hope to see many of you at this big event. 

Can you believe it's Fall again? Since the season is changing, we at Repurposed Nest thought it was time for a new makeover with our website. In the next couple of weeks we will be working on this. We are very excited about a new change. We can't wait to show you when it's all finished.

Before and After Pictures

Do any of you ever look at a piece of furniture or maybe even decor in your home and think... hmmm, wish I could make this look better? Well, as some of you know I lost my Gran last Fall and she gave us a piece of furniture that my daughter used in her room for awhile. It wasn't old or really amazing but it was special to me because it used to be hers. My daughter didn't want it anymore, so I thought it was time to give it a new makeover. Here are the before and after pictures. I'm really pleased with the end results. It goes beautiful in its new location in our home. I am glad I was able to give it a new look by making it a primitive piece which I thought suited the style well.

Facebook giveaway is now here......

We've decided to do at least two giveaway prizes. First one will be going on from now till the end of the month. We will start a second one on July 1! (Please remember you must be able to pick this up in Abbotsford, B.C.

All you need to do is... 1. Like our page if you haven't already. 2. Share it on your page and ....... 3. Share it on a friends page as well.

*Bonus* Get a second chance to win by answering these two questions. 

1) What colours would you like to see more of this year with Repurposed Nest? 
2) What vintage item would you like for us to carry in the future?

*Please post on facebook that you have done 1.2.3. and bonus.*

That's it, good luck! Winner will be randomly selected on June 30!

Christina and Greg from Repurposed Nest.

Doors doors doors! We have purchased some gorgeous antique and vintage doors. Take a look in our "Treasure Hunt Items" for more details!

Did some awesome treasure picking this weekend. Will be cleaning them up and pricing them this week. More pictures to come.

Paris Themed Items For Sale

I have been having a lot of fun painting all sorts of pieces lately. If you know my stuff, you will see I hardly ever use any type of white. I am not saying white isn't nice but I love colour and find I can express myself better as an artist that way. Well, I finally gave in and have done some pretty pieces in (eek!) white.


Since I also like the whole Paris theme and its still quite popular, I added some wonderful graphics. It's strange to think twenty years ago I was in France and got to see some beautiful places. This brings me back to memory lane.




The Start of the New Year

Hello everyone and Happy 2015!


It's amazing how quickly the last year went. For me and my family it will be an exciting year and I am looking forward to all the new adventures and changes to come. It will also be one year ago that we started Repurposed Nest, which is at the end of this month. (January) I am thrilled with that! I can't wait to see what happens this year for us. I am excited about projects we will be doing inside our home as well as decor and furniture I will be working on. 


So to start out I have posted two new items in the "Items for Sale" section under The Beauty Parlor. These Shabby mirrors are a perfect way to start out the year.


We have also added more vintage (as is) items and are constantly searching for more treasures. Those have and will be added into the Treasure Hunt Items. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


I wish you all a fabulous 2015 and look forward to meeting some of you.






Want A Vintage Christmas Gift?

There are only a few days left to surprise your special friends and loved ones that are in your life. Why not give them a vintage item for their home? There are many more items for sale that have not been added into the photo galleries yet.

Please feel free to contact me and book an appointment before the time runs out. Not wanting a vintage item? Many painted decor and furniture pieces still for sale as well.

There will be perfect gifts for both him and

her this Christmas.


Christmas Is Almost Here

Well it is hard to believe in only a little more than a week it will be Christmas again. Winter is my favourite season. There is something so special about it and it's meaning. I am one of those that love so many things around Christmas time. The snow, (well when we actually get some), the decorating of the Christmas tree, the yummy smells of baking and decorating the delicious treats. It's the atmosphere and the preparing of the big feast with family and friends. It's the excitement and joy on my kids faces and that happy good feeling we get.

I have been blessed to have had those moments with my siblings and parents when we were able to have them so many years ago now. It's the fond memories I have and will always treasure since I was a little girl. Much of that has changed but my memories will always be in my heart. 

When it all comes down to it, I simply adore it all and absorb each and every moment each and every year. I hope this year all of you will have had the best one yet.

No matter what your Christmas holds for 2014, I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I also wanted to thank those who have supported me and my adventures during my first year with Repurposed Nest. It has been a pleasure and I look forward to meeting more of you and bringing smiles to your loving homes with my furniture and decor.

Christina from Repurposed Nest.


Poplar Market in November with Repurposed Nest

Repurposed Nest will be at this years Poplar Market in Abbotsford, B.C. We are very excited to be in this event along with all the other great venders.


Can you all believe Christmas is already next month? This market will be a great place to look around and purchase gifts for your friends and loved ones. Do you have people in your lives that are hard to shop for? Well with all the charming items going to this Market you are sure to find that special piece. Don't forget to bring a pal or two along with you. It will be an outting nobody wants to miss.


Please click on the Polpar Market for more info and to see all the names of the venders going this year.


Hope to see you there and we would love for you to stop at our booth to say hello.




Valley Made Market in November

On Friday evening of November 28 from 7:00PM to 9:30PM in Chilliwack, Repurposed Nest will also be at the Valley Made Market. This will be a first event for them and also us. We are thrilled to be part of this 2014 Market.


Please click on their page for all the details. This will be another great event to do more Christmas shopping,etc. There will also be goodies to munch on as you go from booth to booth.


We will all love to see you there. Don't forget to stop at our booth and say hello.




News In September/October...

In the last weekend of September and the first weekend of October, Repurposed Nest had it's very first Fall Fair at Devan's Greenhouses on Fraser Highway. It was great to be a vender and getting to finally have that experience.


As this was a busy time, here are some photos of items done in September/October so far.


Next year we will be trying a few more fairs as this is all a new and exciting experience for us. We were very happy meeting venders around the lower mainland and will be looking forward to getting to know more in 2015. We will keep you posted to future fairs we will be at.


Hope everyone is enjoying the Fall so far. I love the colours of the leaves, the cooler crisp air, and the pumpkins. It is always a pleasure decorating this time of year with all the goodies out there. It is also fun to add some new decor in the inside of our homes. If we can help you out, please send us a message. We would love to hear from you.




Better Late, Than Never

I have been very busy in the last month and I finally just updated the site with more goodies. Enjoy!


New: A Pair of Nightstand Tables and One Single

The pair of nightstand tables are from 1966 and are very retro. Their new face lift is just fabulous and the stain and paint colours are a perfect match. The knobs were purchased brand new and were painted and sealed, then decoupaged. It just ties the pieces in with this amazing looking knob. These will be sold as a pair only. 


The single nightstand is just so pretty. The brown and blue tones look great together. Inside the drawer is a golden brown stripped pattern that just gives it the right touch. 


To find out more about them, please check the "for sale" section for sizes and prices.


Thanks, Repurposed Nest.




We Did It! 100 Likes On Facebook!

It was very exciting to be able to reach 100 likes that Repurposed Nest gave away 2 prizes! Winner #1 (Helen) received their chose of jewelry frame with two pairs of earrings. Winner #2 (Micheline) received the other frame and one pair of earrings.


Congrats ladies! 


Thank you to all that enterd the giveaway and that also "liked" the page! 


Last but not least a BIG THANK YOU to the wonderful people who have purchased my work and recommended me. It means so very much! I truely appreciate your business.


Christina at Repurposed Nest.


You Just Got To Love Red!

Falling in love with this hope chest was very easy. I knew exactly how it should look when I purchased it. I was extremely pleased with how it turned out. Since I love the colour red alot, I had to paint it that way! I love old gates and handles and knew it would be the right fit for this piece. I was lucky to purchase these amazing knobs that matched the work I did perfectly!


Here is the end result. Isn't it just gorgeous!?!



Sometimes It's The Little Things

Though it's always wonderful buying a big furniture item, it is also nice adding the little things to each home. Little treasures around your place can add a unique atmosphere to your surroundings. It is a great way to use decor to add special touches to a room. 


I will be working on more and more decor items in the future. For now, here are some little things you may want to add into your cozy cottage, sea shell summer house, or your dreamy home. 


Facebook Giveaway!

Repurposed Nest is on Facebook and once it hits 100 likes there will be a free prize to the people who wish to enter.So click that " like " button. If you have already put a like on the site and wish to enter do the following:

1) click like on the post over there

2) share Repurposed Nest on your page.


That's it!


Winner will be posted on Facebook and you must be able to come pick it up in Abbotsford. Thanks and good luck!


The winner recieves a red earring frame holder with two new pairs of earrings.


Repurposed Nest Items Are Now At Devan's Greenhouses

I am very happy to say that now when you go to Devan Greenhouse's in Abbotsford, B.C you will be able to purchase items from Repurposed Nest there. I was very excited about this opportunity and hope you get the chance to check it all out. Here are just a couple of pictures at Devans with a few of my items for sale, mixed with their fantastic decor as well. 




This weeks items for sale

Hi everyone,


I have been busy working on new items this week and have started added pictures and prices to some of the "Items for Sale" sections. Some signs are up, kitchen items and an awesome airplane wall shelf. 


The next section I want to focus on is the "Kiddies Corner", due to so little being in there at the moment. If you are looking for items for a playroom, nursery or child's room in a certain colour or style, give me a shout and I will see what I can do. In the meanwhile, hope all is good your way and enjoy browsing around.




These Beauties...

Hello everyone,


I have been working on quite a few new pieces and am excited to show you. If you are already on my facebook page, you would have seen most of these up early this evening. Now I finally got a chance to post them up on here. 


I will work on the sizes, prices, and description this weekend for you. If you are interested in any before I do so, and have questions for me, I will try and write you back as soon as possible with all the details. Until then, hope you enjoy these beauties and have a wonderful sunny weekend.




Giving Some Thanks During Spring

Today I wanted to write a special blog thanking a wonderful place I like to visit as much as possible. If you know me well, I speak of this place often and call it my "happy place", lol. I think, or would at least like to think that most people have a few places in their lives that when they go there it makes them feel happy. I know that this is one of mine. Many times we don't always thank business's for providing a place for us to go and explore, dream and yes, shop.


So here in Abbotsford on Fraser Highway is a nursey called Devan Greenhouses. I love this place! If you haven't already gone there for your plants, I highly recommend them to you.I often get asked where I get my flowers from and I always gladly share with them where I go. Their flowers and trees are gorgeous and their prices are really affordable for a nursery. I have gone to many nurseries and home/garden stores and Devan's prices are amazing and the many varieties of plants and colours are fantastic. Every week they also have weekly features on sale. If you want to see what they are check their website: devangreenhouses.ca 


So last week one of my best friend's and me went to Devan's and bought some lovely plants. I took some pictures of them and wanted you to see one of the planter chairs I created with their plants. The chair I found and bought, was repainted using an exterior paint that was a lovely green over the blue paint. I then lightly distressed over details I wanted to enhance in the chair. I sealed it after for better protection from the outside weather.


The plants I used are listed below if you would like to do something similar. All are annuals except the grass and Ivy I added in there. Plus if you plant the Mum, it usually comes back due to the seeds it drops once it is done for the season. 


In my planter chair:


2- Black Eyed Susan Vines

1- Passiflora Blue

1- Mum

1- Sun Flower

1- Duckfoot Ivy

1- North Sea Oats


I will be working on more planter boxes in the near future with Devan's plants. I am looking forward to doing that. I may post some picture's on here once they are done - we will see. I love working with plants and making my garden pretty again after the Winter. It is very therapeutic and breathing in fresh air and feeling the sun on your face is just another bonus while cleaning up the yard. 


So that is my special feature for today. I hope if you have a special place you like to visit, that you send a message to the owner, employees, etc and just say thanks for all that they do. Besides who doesn't like a thank you? It just makes you feel good all around. Plus you may just make their day. 


So thank you again Devan Greenhouses for providing me your beautiful plants and letting me have a place I can go and just look around and be in my "happy place". I also want to thank the owner Pieter Debruin, for letting me write about his store on my blog. God bless.


Christina at Repurposed Nest



Check Out The Newest Items For Sale

Here are a few new items for sale. To find prices and more info on them , please check the itms for sale section on the site here. For any further questions, please feel free to contact me. Thanks.




The Lovely Duo

I have now finished a pair of night stands. I think they are lovely and would look magical in a bedroom. They have new knobs and have been painted with Annie Sloan's chalk paints and sealed for better protection. These will be sold as a pair only.




The Wonderful Smell Of Cedar

I don't know about you but there is nothing like the smell of cedar. Not only do I think it smells heavenly, its colours are lovely. It reminds me of my Far (Dad) since he loves to garden and has had cedar chips in his gardens off and on over the years. So when I saw this armoire and a matching long dresser I knew I had to try and get it.


I haven't decided if I want to do them both the same colours and style yet. I have only started the armoire so far. All I can say is I am totally loving this piece already and think once it's complete it will look fantastic. I am using a few new techniques and am looking forward to it all coming together. So as usual, here are the before pictures and as expected, the finished piece is to come. Then it will be put up for sale.



The Final Product!


Okay, the armoire is all done except the knobs and pulls. I wish the pictures would show how truely wonderful it looks. I guess you will just have to come see it for yourself. I will get the knobs and pulls on asap. This would look fabulous in a kitchen and also for putting your clothing into. It is very multi functional.




Finally The Welsh Dresser is Complete!

Well my hubby has been away from home for almost a week on a business trip and I had some major difficulties getting these pictures added on here. So today he fixed my silly problem and tada here they finally are.


First I wanted to again thank a very special couple, Andy and Marilyn for this lovely treasure. I just love it and wanted you both to know how grateful I am that you gave this to me. It is finally up for your viewing and I hope I made you happy with the end results. It now stands beautifully in my dining room.


The Welsh dresser is pretty much complete. As you can see by the photos, the bottom of the dresser is only partially done. I have reglued and renailed the shelf as well as painted and waxed it. I reused all the original hardware and had to take the backing off and left it open in the back. I will eventually add antique wall paper to the bottom shelf in the dresser. The knobs are all cleaned up and shine lovely. I sanded the cabinets but left some of the knicks and painted it with the lighter colour first and then added the dark paint after. It was then lightly sanded to highlight the imperfections and to show the lightest paint underneath. It was then sealed with wax.


Here are the after pictures of the welsh dresser. Hope you enjoyed the transformation.





The Welsh Dresser

My life lately has been a whirl wind of craziness. More like really busy but in a good way. I had the chance to go see one of my sisters, her hubby and their five kids recently. I was able to have the chance to hang out with my fabulous nieces and nephews. Lots of silly laughing, fun games and staying up late with the two oldest. Also, cuddling and reading night time stories to the youngest. However, the snuggling and giving silly faces to the baby was a big highlight as well. So I came to realize that I miss them a lot. Time goes by way too quickly sometimes and we just seem to skip a lot along the way.


Now where is this going with the title of “the welsh dresser”? Believe it or not, my little story does have some significance to it. You see, I was fortunate to receive an old welsh dresser from friends of my mother and father in-law. Their friend’s names are Andy and Marilyn. My Mother in-law said I had to keep this dresser. I have to admit when they delivered it from Vernon to my home I fell instantly in love with it. I am a sucker for old things. It isn’t just the look of a piece but what the piece itself represents. What’s its life story? Where has it traveled to? Who loved it and was blessed to own it? What has it been through? It really is the history of it that intrigues me the most. Just like moments with my family, this dresser has also been through its own kind of memories in a sense. It has had its own kind of history. Now it’s on a new journey with my family.

So, after checking the whole thing out I realized, lady you have some work cut out for you. You see Andy and Marilyn got this dresser from his mother years ago, and after having it for a few years lent it to Marilyn’s brother when they had to move. From there it went to Marilyn’s younger sister and into her home. When she wanted to remodel her place it was going to go back to Andy and Marilyn. Unfortunately, a good friend was going to take it back to them but it was left in his open truck box, lightly wrapped in a tarp. It rained for two days and it got drenched. It quickly warped and began to peel. It had some major water damage.


The drawer did not close, making me wonder at first if it was suppose to be like that. Next came broken sections of wood that needed to be glued and nailed. The back of the dresser had to be ripped off - three layers actually. The door panels were a mess. The old stain would flake off and the hardware needed a good clean up.


The big question was - would it be worth it? Absolutely! As I pulled off the layers of the back panels, I realized there was also black mold - not good. But with time and effort I could and did, get it all off.


So here are some before pictures for you to see what the Welsh dresser looked like when it arrived. There is so much beauty in this piece - the attention to detail, the curves and engravings. It has a solidness and a strength to it. I have a little more work left to do on it, but I am loving it’s new transformation. I can’t wait to show you it when it is all done.



Part 2, The finished dresser

So the story continues. I finished the dresser a couple of days ago. I knew what colour and look it needed to have. I found some great knobs that would compliment it beautifully. I am very happy with the end result. I have left the inside of the drawers bare. I haven't decided if I am going to leave it that way or paint, stain, or maybe wall paper them. However, I feel for now I will leave them as they are, and perhaps in the future add to it. Which knowing me is a high possibility. 


Here are some pictures of the end results. I love it, it will look fabulous in my bedroom. What do you think? Do you like it?




Time to catch up, while its Spring break . . .

Well it's Spring break time again. I thought it would be a great time for me to work on some pieces in my home that I have needed to work on. However, my daughter and I went out on a mother and daughter shopping day and as fate happens, I found a dresser that I have been looking for . . . um yes, three years! Gasps! It made me want to dance, then hop, and yes even lift my hands and say thank you Lord! But I was a good Mom, and didn't want to embarass my child, at least not right then and there.


So after driving my daughter crazy about needing to have this dresser, and her saying Mom just buy it already! I knew I had to bring it home with me. Only thing is I already have a dresser, just not this one!


Now I have put the before pictures up of the dresser. You may have your mouth wide open saying, what were you thinking? You may even say it looks dull and is just too ugly for words. But then, your mind doesn't work like mine. (good thing too, huh?) All I can say is this dresser doesn't have wonderful curves or beautiful embelishments on it. What it has is a style from the 1950's era, and I knew the look it should have. In fact, it was just perfect!


To be continued . . .


The Classy Buffet

Hello again,


Today I will write about my newest piece. I fell in love with this buffet, and knew I had to buy it. I hemmed and hawed about what look it should possibly have. I thought the handles were gorgeous and knew I had to save them. Unfortunately, two of the cupboards had part of the hardware, but had no pull or handle. I decided glass knobs would suit this buffet just perfectly. I also painted and waxed the rest of the hardware, and love how it turned out.


Well this is what I ended up with. I think it is very classy, what do you think? 


So after I finish my side table I will be working on a pair of night stand tables. I already have a look in mind. Yes, the possibilities are endless . . .




Time To Blog

Hi everyone,


I wanted to try adding a blog on here, so here goes . . .


A couple of months ago I bought a side table for my little T.V. room. My hubby already has a "MAN CAVE" room, so I thought I could set up a section in our home for my little T.V. area. Anyway, we both enjoy playing video games a couple of times a week, and I thought why not paint something interesting on my table. So since I love Plants vs Zombies 1, 2, and the new Garden Warfare, I knew that would be the theme for my side table.


Sunday I brought it out of the garage and started sanding the top. After cleaning it off, I got to work on my plants and zombies. Monday I did some more painting on the game characters and then today, I stained the top and painted two coats on the drawer and legs. Tomorrow I need to finish adding another colour onto the table legs.Then I will put a sealer on the top and wax the legs.


I am really excited about trying this out, I have painted Winnie the Pooh characters on a nursery wall before and different little decor pieces but not this. So as soon as I get it done I will post a few pictures. I am curious to see what you think of it.


Anyways, that is what I have been up to these last few days.

Tomorrow I will post my newest finished piece, it's a buffet. I think it turned out fabulous!



Here are the pictures from the table I finished. It looks great in my little game's room.